JoPo Grips


Our Story

"They told me I had no chance.
I showed them the product...
The very next day they put an order in."

- Founder, Jerry Penxa

Mission Statement

The ultimate goal of our company is to gain bowler and pro shop confidence.


With that goal in mind, JoPo Grips will achieve great customer service by doing our best to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with dependable products. JoPo Grips will always be available to address any and all concerns regarding our products.

We are dedicated to the bowlers and pro shops. We will make all adjustments and improvements we find necessary to have the best interchangeable thumb apparatus and bowling accessories in the bowling industry.

Thank you.

- Jerome Penxa
Owner of JoPo Grips and Creator of the JoPo Grips TWIST


JoPo Grips, a company with a new interchangeable thumb insert. This insert uses patented technology, creating a durable bowling grip that will enhance your bowling experience.

Benefits of the JoPo Grips Twist

  • The thread-like feature absorbs the load of the weight and the velocity of the bowling ball delivery; i.e. visualize pulling a nut straight off a bolt without unscrewing it.

  • The Twist cannot be removed from the bowling ball without the inner being rotated 360º

Bowling Ball

Any bowling ball is suitable for JoPo Grips

Twist Outer

Secured into drilled hole where the Twist Inner locks into place

Twist Inner

Thumb insert sized to your thumb for a comfortable fit

Twist Threads

Screw-like grooves to secure grip inside ball

How to Install the Twist